Sustainability Perspective : Approach of SNOC

SNOC demonstrates a unique approach in its design philosophy by emphasizing environmental responsibility and supporting technological advancements in line with societal expectations.

As a global company, SNOC places special importance on environmental sustainability. Both current and future designs are shaped at the core of these principles, and formations are developed within this framework. All design resources are sourced from nature, involving a balanced relationship with environmental health.

Corporate Approach

We diligently continue our efforts to consciously manage natural resources, consider the entire life cycle, and design eco-friendly products. Our environmental policy aims to prevent potential risks throughout our value chain, from material sourcing to recycling, and effectively manage adverse effects. This approach stands among the fundamental principles of our company. Additionally, SNOC adopts an attitude that highlights environmental responsibility and supports the development of technologies aligned with societal expectations. Our sustainability principles reflect our goals of using natural resources consciously, considering the life cycle, and designing eco-friendly products.








Forest Stewardship Council

The Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) is a non-profit organization that supports the sustainable and responsible management of forests. Its primary goal is to protect the world's forests and sustainable assets. FSC aims to ensure the extraction of forest products without harming the natural integrity of global forests. At the same time, FSC's objectives include making world forests a sustainable resource while leaving a livable world for future generations. SNOC collections are FSC certified, and the process of bringing designs to life progresses in an environmentally friendly way, ensuring the long-term use of collections.

Creation Cycle

SNOC collections aim to produce long-lasting and high-quality products without harming the integrity of nature, minimizing the impact on carbon emissions and carbon footprint. Embracing an environmentally sensitive approach, SNOC prioritizes the sustainability and conservation of nature in the selection of all materials and components used. This principle supports sustainable development while minimizing environmental impacts.